Dress for Success


Five Star Cleaners™ and Dress for Success® San Antonio are partnering to bring you business suits! Participants in the Dress for Success San Antonio program, which assists women in their quest for promising career opportunities, will receive suits dry cleaned by Five Star Cleaners. The suits will be cleaned, pressed, hung and then delivered free of charge to the Dress for Success San Antonio headquarters.


We are pleased to partner with Dress for Success, but they have asked us not to accept the following items because they cannot be worn by women who are interviewing for a new job:

  • Dated clothing (5+ years old)
  • Wool clothing
  • Brightly colored clothing
  • Dresses
  • Hats
  • Casual clothing (sweats, tennis shoes, jeans, knit tops, tee-shirts)
  • Evening wear
  • Used undergarments
  • Used makeup
  • Garage sale leftovers
  • Items in need of repair

NOTE: Clothing items in bags or boxes WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

For information contact Dress for Success San Antonio at 210-737-1515.