Five Star Dry Cleaning Questions

Same Day Service

If you need your clothes dry-cleaned or laundered and need them quickly, we offer same day service at specific locations! Find which location fits you best below.

Same-Day Laundry and Dry Clean Services:
Huebner Mon-Fri until 11:00 am

Same-Day Dry Clean Services Only:
NW Military Mon-Fri drop-off before 11:00 am
Vance Jackson Mon-Fri drop-off before 11:00 am

What is dry cleaning?

At our 12 convenient San Antonio Locations, our #1 goal at Five Star Cleaners is to help you look your best. With the use of our dry-cleaning services, there’s no doubt you will. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning garments by replacing water with solvent. An acceptable dry cleaning solvent must be free of objectionable odors, and certainly must not leave residual odor in garments after drying. In additional, the solvent should be able to be safely heated to its boiling point for distillation purposes so that it may be continually cleaned and recycled.

In order to be used for safe and effective dry cleaning, a solvent must have the capability to dissolve solvent-soluble substances. This “solvent power” must fall in a range that will effectively remove solvent-soluble soils (fats, oils and greases) without risking any damage to common textile fibers and dyes.

What is the process of dry cleaning?

The type of dry-cleaning we use at our 12 convenient San Antonio locations is the dry-to-dry machine, in which the clothes are put in dry and come out dry, ready to finish. We use the newest, most advance dry-to-dry machines, which are completely self contained, closed machines, which have little or no emissions into the atmosphere.

The actual cleaning process for dry cleaning is similar to the washing process. Clothes are separated by weight, finish, and color. The clothes are then cleaned in machines that look like large, over-sized front load washing machines. The difference, though, is that the cleaning solvent is used over and over again, continually being recycled through filtering and distillation.

Finally, after the clothes are removed from the machine, they are checked for any additional spot cleaning necessary, steam finished, and then ready to return to the customer.

Washing clothes at home vs. having them dry cleaned

Many articles of clothing specify, “dry-clean only” and we urge you not to ignore these instructions. Our number one goal is to help you look your best. Not only do we have an expert staff, but also the longevity of your garments can be increased with the use of our solvent instead of what you would be using at home to wash your clothes, water.

When will my garments be ready?

Five Star Cleaners offers a few different services to ensure your garments are ready when you need them.

Same Day Service: If you need your clothes dry-cleaned or laundered and need them quickly we offer Same Day Service.

Drop your clothes off Monday through Friday before 12 pm and we will have them ready for pick-up by 6 pm that same day. We are here when you need us! In by 9 a.m. Out by 6 p.m.

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